About ginger + winnie Candle Co.

Hey….thanks for stopping by! We’re Ireland + Shyla, 2 teenage sisters from Brooklin Ontario, just having some fun, singing + dancing making candles with our 2 bulldogs!  We both have always been very artistic…we also enjoy spending time with our family, friends, dancing, listening to music, watching movies, baking and playing sports. We come from a large family of 6 with our Mom, Dad and 2 brothers. We LOVE our 2 English Bulldogs Ginger and Winnie….we knew that’s what our name had to be for our candle company. Our Mom aka Momager Erin has always loved candles and all things that make our home smell lovely without the harmful headache causing chemicals…. So we too quickly developed a love for things that smell good! So it was important to us to create candles + wax melts that only use non toxic ingredients that are safe for humans and our ginger + winnie too! All our candles and wax melts are hand poured with love in small batches, made with 100% Soy wax that contain no paraffin or petroleum. So NO TOXINS that you, your family or pets are breathing in. All the fragrance oils we use are Phthalate, paraben and dye free. We use only cotton wicks that are clean burning. Our candles and wax melts give off a lovely not over powering scent. It is MOST important to us to have clean burning, lovely smelling candles that add a little ginger + winnie style to your home! We want our candles to make you + your home feel cozy and warm!Thank you so much for coming by, shopping with us and supporting our love of candles and bulldogs! We hope you love your purchase as much as we loved creating it for you!